2008 WRA Wisconsin Remodelers Bronze Award

2008 WRA Wisconsin Remodelers Bronze Award

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After Photos:

The main concern of our client was the tightness and compartmentalization of their kitchen. They wanted to open up the space and create a new lightened, focal point of their home. Now to incorporate these key factors into our design we explored ideas that would allow for more natural lighting, create a clean and “light” aura, and generate a more open and inviting space.

The original house was built in the 1950’s, so it was important to compliment the home’s aesthetic through simple and clean interventions. With the original kitchen located on the north perimeter wall, opening up the edges of the kitchen through larger windows and passage ways provided a great opportunity to gain views both out to the street and through the great room to the backyard. This was helpful in creating more natural lighting as well as opening up the area. A laundry room and its adjacent walls were removed and replaced with base cabinets in the galley kitchen layout. Which, in turn, provided a strong gesture to help make the kitchen feel large and open, as well as help emphasize the novelty of picture windows at the work surface.

The upper cabinets were eliminated from the kitchen to keep the space from feeling heavy and cluttered. Yet full height pantry cabinets with white glass doors balance out on the opposite side of the kitchen while also providing enough storage for the entire kitchen and more, since a dining room closet was removed. To further emphasize the idea of “clean and simple” push latches were installed on cabinet doors, creating a wall of glass without the redundancy of door pulls , and because of weight concerns stainless steel pulls were substituted for the push latches on the soft close drawers.

The Glacier white Corian countertop was designed to turn down and become the end panels of the island/bar presenting a clean surface that is visible upon entry.

With the minimal design of the kitchen, expression of materials and millwork detailing was extremely important. The sink cabinet cantilevers above the floor, providing for natural light from the full height window to filter through to the stone floor below. To allow this gesture to be clean and simple, the mocha colored base cabinets with Glacier white Corian counter tops are pulled away from the wall and an aluminum backsplash flush with the backside of the cabinet creates a clean edge while providing the spill protection necessary for a kitchen. This did create a code issue but was solved by creating an outlet niche in the front sink apron. Also an air admittance valve was installed to resolve the issue of venting the kitchen sink. Overall with a newly large open space, sleek cabinetry lines, increased natural lighting, and unique innovative designs we were able to capture the homeowner’s vision and make it reality.

The kitchen is truly the new focal point of the home with its high quality craftsmanship, minimalist looking design, and open, inviting warmth.