2010 WRA Wisconsin Remodelers Silver Award

2010 WRA Wisconsin Remodelers Silver Award

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The main concern of our client was to create a bathroom space that was modern, but yet era friendly. The other concerns of the clients, were to eliminate a bulky and unappealing steam radiator, replacement of the outdated bathtub that didn’t even have a shower head. The creation of a shower in this bathtub space was a necessity.

The home was built in the early 1900’s, so we focused on staying within the design frame while allowing for modern, but nostalgic touches that wouldn’t  take away from the homes architecture during that era. To incorporate the homeowners need and vision for modern amenities, travertine subway tile was used throughout the bathroom. A mix of smaller glass and travertine tile was incorporated into the shower and wainscot walls to create a border within. This border was also placed in the floor to create the feeling of a tile rug.

The bulky and unappealing steam radiator and its metal cover was replaced with a small steam convector unit and hidden within the wainscot tile wall. A radius niche was cut into the wall above the floor to create proper air flow for the unit. A wood vent was nestled into the tile to let the rising heat properly flow into the space.

The shower was finished off with a travertine seat, shampoo niche and frameless shower door. A Kohler shower head and handheld shower slide bar system created a fully functional and modern shower. With the proper product selections this shower offers all the modern amenities while keeping the architecture of the house in mind.

A Kohler pedestal sink replaced an oversized and outdated vanity. This gesture helped resolve the tight and compartmentalized feeling the previous bathroom had due to the oversized vanity. To compliment this gesture, the existing closet was removed and replaced with a walnut cabinet and open shelving. These gestures help add the feeling of a larger space to the bathrooms existing and unchanged footprint.

We were able to keep the architectural style consistent the home and its era, yet still allowing for modern upgrades. Overall with thorough planning, meticulous tile layout, high quality products and remarkable shower, we were able to exceed the homeowner’s expectations. With its warm and nostalgic appearance, impressive features and notable craftsmanship a new focal point to an already beautiful house was created.